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Volunteer programmes

Animal Care programme

Join our partner project, which cares for animals which have either been abandoned, abused, neglected or lost. Help with grooming, cleaning, assisting with vaccination programmes, playing with and loving the animals. Live onsite at the animal shelter during the working week, and fully immerse yourself in this worthwhile project. Works includes, but not limited to:

  • Feeding the dogs and cats (inc. strays)
  • Playing and socializing with the animals
  • Cleaning cages and kennels
  • General maintenance of the garden
  • Assisting with basic medical treatments, such as flea/tick drops and vaccinations.
  • Animal bathing and grooming
  • Case research, review, and transfer to vet for assessment/treatment

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Childcare programme

We teach 2-5 year olds basic English language, as well as playing games, singing songs, and other educational activities. The children are from a variety of ethnic minority groups in the local area.

  • Run educational activities at local childcare centres
  • Mornings at childcare, afternoons making resources
  • Experience childcare, Thai style

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Outdoor programme

Be prepared to get your hands dirty, sweat from hard work, and learn about the culture - "Learning By Doing!" - Work varies widely, including road building, construction projects, farming work, renovation, and much more.

Our work is largely seasonal, so the type of work will depend on the time of year you are with us. For instance, our Volunteer Forest Firefighting project runs from February to May, so you would be part of the team involved in curbing wildfires in the surrounding area.

  • Construction, renovation, repair projects
  • Disaster work, including firefighting, flood cleanup
  • Climate action, such as reforestation
  • Agricultural jobs - planting, harvesting rice
  • Working homestays twice a month (Tues-Fri)
  • Hard work, lots of fun

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Volunteering can be one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable experiences in your life. It takes you to places you may never otherwise get the opportunity to visit, meet people from different cultures, make friends for a lifetime, and learn things about yourself that will help you in later life.

The attitude of the volunteer when applying, researching and attending the programme is paramount to how much can be achieved. It is essential to come with an open mind, flexibility, and the understanding that you are here to help others... as well as being an invited guest in another culture. This puts a degree of responsibility and self-awareness on the individual that not everyone can handle.

Getting Started

Come on then...Welcome to The Mirror Foundation's volunteer programme. If you are interested in joining one of our volunteer programmes, please fill out the enquiry form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Each programme is available all year round - the work in the Outdoor programme is seasonal and adjusts to weather conditions.

Childcare and Outdoor volunteers live onsite at the foundation, while the Animal Care volunteers are accommodated at our partner's base.

Check our information section for much more regarding each programme. You're just a step away from the experience of a lifetime.

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Our guesthouse in town

Baan Pordeedin guesthouse was completed in 2017, and is run as a social enterprise project. With 20 bedrooms, friendly staff, and a 15 minute walk to the town centre, it's an ideal place to stay before your placement begins.

Baan Pordeedin guesthouse


Baan Pordeedin is where volunteers need to meet us for transfer to our foundation on intake day. Use the link below to view the location on Google maps.

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