The Mirror Foundation

For those who wish to homestay with a hilltribe family, but would prefer slightly less trekking in t...
1 Night Trek #2
2 Days
Two nights homestaying in an Akha and a Lahu village, where you can note the differences in cultures...
2 Night Trek #1
3 Days
Two nights homestaying in an Akha and a Lahu village, where you can note the differences in cultures...
3 Night Trek #1
4 Days

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  • Forest fires
    Forest fires
  • Drones
  • Expertise
  • Volunteers
  • Killer smoke
    Killer smoke
  • PM 2.5
    PM 2.5
  • Steep hills
    Steep hills
  • Terrain
  • Leafblowers
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Technology & Innovation


The Mirror Foundation has always looked to technology and innovation for ways to solve problems, and improve peoples' lives. Using these techniques, coupled with traditional methods and community cooperation, makes for an exciting fusion of possibilities and problem-solving.

  • Our Volunteer Forest Firefighting project utilises drones to assess fire direction, potential dangers, and assist frontline teams.
  • We build machinery to shred and compress plastic bottles, which can be used in the community
  • Online databases ensure data collection is stored securely and can be accessed quickly by staff


Financial - we accept monetary donations from around the world. Donations can be made via Paypal or bank transfer.


Paypal doesn't offer a donations button for Thailand currently, but we can sell you something!

Add info here for buying an eBannok clay whistle


Items - we accept all sorts of donated goods, which are either utilised by our team, or checked and then sold on at a low price to local villagers (profits going straight back into the foundation's fund)

Items range from: clothing; computers; TVs; washing machines; refrigerators; electrical tools; toys; books; and much more

Shipping address

The Mirror Foundation

  • 241 Moo 1, Ban Huay Khom
  • T. Mae Yao
  • Amphur Mueang
  • Chiang Rai 57100
  • Thailand

Please note that we cannot make any extra customs duty payments, or outstanding shipping costs.

3 prongs of Mirror, Chiang Rai

Our holistic approach to solving problems, and engaging with the local communities makes it much easier to bring people along as we try to improve daily life in general, and the future for all

Disaster management

The Disaster Management project looks to prepare communities, mitigate problems before they arise, and assist during and after a disaster hits - from forest fires to deadly floods

Agriculture & Environment

It is obvious to most people that climate change is having a devastating effect on life. Our work aims to inform communities, and to work together to deal with these issues on a local scale

Community based projects

Working with communities, not imposing solutions, is a fundamental rule here. Any innovations, improvements, or lifestyle changes, must be done hand-in-hand with locals