When you join one of our overnight programmes, you need to consider the cultures of the homestay villages as well as the weather and terrain. Please continue reading to make sure you are prepared before you set off.

  • Trekking boots - covered trekking shoes/trainers at a minimum.
    • Some trails have grasses with small thorns which can irritate bare skin, especially in rainy season.
    • Change into flip-flops once you arrive at the village (optional)
  • Long sleeved tops and long trousers (because of thorny grass)
  • Comfortable and cool clothes
    • Enough changes of clothing for the whole trip
    • Please note, we have a dress code that we ask you to respect
  • Pack waterproofs during rainy season (approx June-Sept)
  • Pack warm clothing for the evenings during winter (approx Nov-Feb)