It is important that we receive your passport details, before your programme start date. Without these details, we are unable to begin the adventure.

The passport number, and each individual's full name, are used to organise accidental insurance cover for your trip. Also, for overnight stays, we must send these details to the immigration office before departure.

You can enter the information into your form, at any time prior to the day your trip begins.


Wherever a foreigner stays for a night - whether it's an hotel, guesthouse, or even private home - the owner of the residence must, according to Thai law, send details of the foreigner to the immigration office within 24 hours.

As we run a homestay programme, we act as locum for the villagers.

We must receive all passport details (full name, and passport number) of each person in the group. Until this happens, we cannot begin the programme.


Our accident insurance coverage also requires that we send the company the passport number and full name of everyone in the group.

We don't need photocopies, or even to see the original passport - just put the passport number and full name of each participant into our online form, so that you are insured in case of accident.

If you have any concerns, please email us to discuss the issue.